Et nyt spil i ‘Deep Rock Galactic’s univers er blevet annonceret!

Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core er et nyt kommende roguelite-spil fra danske Ghost Ship Games.

De fantastiske danske Ghost Ship Games, som står bag monster-hittet Deep Rock Galactic, har netop annonceret deres kommende roguelite-spil. Spillet Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core er en spin-off titel af deres hovedspil, og introducerer et nyt roguelite twist, som betyder, at du starter forfra fra hver mission med nye evner og kræfter som du arbejder dig tættere på kernen af planeten Hoxxos.

Ghost Ship Games har netop udgivet en teaser til spillet som I kan se herunder med en lang beskrivelse til hvad I kan forvente af spillet når det kommer i tidlig, tidlig udvikling – ligesom det originale Deep Rock Galactic var i to år!

Beskrivelsen på deres YouTube side er således:

DEEP ROCK GALACTIC: ROGUE CORE is a spinoff of Deep Rock Galactic with a roguelite twist. The roguelite twist means you start from basics in each mission and cooperatively build up powers and abilities for the team, sometimes leading to insanely overpowered builds and other times to spectacular fails

Expenite – a new mineral of incredible value and use has been discovered on planet Hoxxes! Space mining company Deep Rock Galactic immediately sets up covert mining operations deeper than ever, to harvest this precious material. Suddenly and without warning – all the dig sites go dark, and all contact is abruptly lost.

In this action-packed 1-4 player co-op roguelite, take on the role of a team of elite dwarven Reclaimers called to planet Hoxxes IV to deal with the situation. Bring the lost dig sites back online, unravel the mystery of The Greyout, and keep it from happening again using all the guts, guns, and grit at your disposal.

The Core has gone Rogue. DRG needs your help!

Each Rogue Core mission begins with selecting your loadout – picking a Phase Suit equipped with an Active Ability of your choice, as well as one of a range of unique Reclaimer Weapons. Once loaded up, you board your Drop Pod and land at the outer boundary of a lost dig site, facing the Greyout Barrier surrounding it. Luckily, R&D has equipped you with a device capable of carving a hole through it, but once you go in, there is no way back except mission success. Proceed through the Barrier on foot and fight your way down multiple procedurally generated stages to the deepest and most dangerous level of the site.

During each stage, you will salvage caches of DRG equipment and weapons to expand your arsenal for that mission. The dig sites are also full of the wonder-mineral Expenite. Deposit any Expenite you can find into your trusty Processor Drone to generate a wide range of powerful temporary upgrades. Thus, as you progress ever deeper, your power will grow, but so will the challenge. Every little bit will be needed to make it through all the stages, reach the Core, and reclaim the dig site.

Between missions, you return to your ship – the RV-09 “Ramrod”, parked in low orbit above Hoxxes. By completing mission tasks and reclaiming dig sites, you will earn the means to research and permanently unlock new Reclaimer Weapons, Phase Suits, and Suit Mods. Expand your gear options and experiment with various setups to tackle the deepest and most dangerous dig sites.

With the announcement of ROGUE CORE, we want to invite you along for the early, early, early open development journey of Rogue Core. That means that you will be exposed to early ideas, early sketches, early mockups, and early implementations, way before stuff is “done”.

…Did we mention this was early development? Also, this is a good thing.

We started our Open Development journey on Deep Rock Galactic two full years before we even launched into Early Access, and by now we feel very experienced with the process. The engagement we established with our community during and after that time has simply been awesome. The process made DRG a better game than it otherwise would have been, and we very much want to reproduce that for Rogue Core as much as possible.

In other words, this is our open invitation to you, to come on this journey with us as we tackle making a game right from the very earliest stage of development – way before we launch into Early Access. We recognize that this kind of thing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if so simply don’t join – but we have faith that a lot of you will.

We will keep you up to date on the Steam forum and on Discord. If you are interested, join us and help us make Rogue Core the best game it can be!

Further down the line, there will of course also be Closed Alpha testing to be done. So follow us, if you’re interested in getting your feet wet in the early-early access versions of the game.

Deeper, darker, and more dangerous than ever. Join the Dwarven Reclaimers.

Det lyder jo helt fantastisk og kilder alle de rigtige steder for mig! For at deltage i den tidlige udviklingsfase kan I skrive jer op på DRGs discord side, og smide spillet på jeres ønskeliste på deres Steam-side.

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